Sunday, February 28, 2010

Distant Shore...

I was working around the house today, music on, cleaning, painting. Then the old iTunes throws me a curveball, these things always seem to happen. The song "Distant Shore" by Billy Bragg came on, and I remembered that it was the final song on one of many mix cds made for me by my husband, each of them themed in nature, this one titled "Cause I love you". I always found the song painfully sad, but today understood why he put it on that disc for me.

Everyone knows that there's no place like home
But I'm just seeking refuge in a world full of storms
Washed up on a distant shore, can't go home anymore

The natives are hostile whatever I say
The thing they feel most is that I might want to stay
By their side on a distant shore can't go home anymore

I escaped my tormentors by crossing the sea
What I cannot escape is memory
Washed up on a distant shore can't go home anymore

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