Wednesday, June 29, 2011

To blog or not to blog....

Im not sure that the thoughts rolling around in my head are worth sharing, so of course, here I am. Typing them out, working through them.

Ive been thinking a lot lately about how to go about the second edition of the BRICKS for Young Adults Cancer Awareness and Resource Guide. I think its a worthwhile project and I learned a lot the first time around. Surely the second time through will be easier. I have the funds I need. I know, more or less, what Im doing. What I dont have are stories. I need YOU for that part. Ive put out the call a few times, Ive emailed individuals who I thought might want to contribute, the response has been disheartening. People say its necessary, that the project has value. I know that writing about one's cancer experience can be extremely difficult and deeply personal- but isnt that the point? Isnt that what makes the booklet so important?

If youve considered contributing to the booklet, please let me know. Post in the comments here or shoot me an email at brickspgh at gmail dot com. I would really love to make this happen again.

Another thing that will happen again, without doubt, is Blood & Cupcakes. This November will be my fourth time hosting the blood drive, and its almost time to start working on it again, which I can hardly believe. If youre a regular donor, or have never given before, now is the time to start thinking about coming out and helping us reach our goal of 60 units of blood collected for the Central Blood Bank, in honor of their 60 years of serving the community.

Theres lots more to talk about and think about but for now I think this all I want to type about. Ha. More soon, dont hesitate to get in touch with questions, comments, concerns, or contributions.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

So its been a while.....

....and things have been a little slow around BRICKS headquarters. Here are a couple of important things we wanted to share with you:

1: The SAMFund is now accepting applications for its grant program for young adult cancer survivors.

Part I of the application for 2011 SAMFund grants is available now. The deadline for submitting Part I is: Wednesday, July 6th by
5:00 pm EST.

The SAMFund proudly provides financial assistance to young adults as they move forward with their lives after cancer. With our support, survivors are empowered to achieve their educational, professional and personal goals.

Grants provided by The SAMFund cover a wide range of post-treatment financial needs, such as (but not limited to): rent and utilities, car and health insurance premiums, graduate tuition, vocational training, student loan repayment, current and residual medical bills, family-building expenses, gym memberships and transportation costs.

Learn more by CLICKING HERE.

2: The Cancer Caring Center will be hosting their Jeans, Jewels & Jazz event on Wednesday, June 22 from 7-10pm. All proceeds benefit the Cancer Caring Center: celebrating 23 years of service to our community. This local non-profit has provided a wide variety of free support services to cancer patients and families including children. All services are free.

To learn more about this fundraising event CLICK HERE.