Monday, July 5, 2010


Just wrapped up the Im Too Young for This Cancer Foundation's Stupid Cancer show on blog talk radio. So awesome. I'll post a link to the broadcast as soon as its posted. Hopefully I didnt sound like too much of a weirdo. Special thanks to Matt, Jack, Lisa and everyone at i2y for doing a show on bereaved spouses, its definitely a lesser discussed topic and one that needs more attention.

If you happened to tune in tonight, let me know what you thought! Was there something we didnt address that we should have? Was there something you were glad we mentioned? I seriously think we could have talked for hours and hours about this subject!

*edit 7.6.10* if you missed it live last night you can hear the show here:
Bereaved Spouses Stupid Cancer Show

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  1. ps- Matt said my name wrong every time, but I forgive him. I started to think he was doing it on purpose ;)