Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A note about today....

Those of you who know me know that today would have been, is, the 2 year wedding anniversary of Rick and I. Of course my emotions have been all over the place, and there is some sadness today, but I feel the need to explain something very important about what today means to me.

When Rick and I decided to get married (and plan a wedding in 6 weeks) we knew two important things- that we wanted to be married to each other, and that there was no sense in waiting (who knew how much time we had, even though he was cancer free at the time) AND that our marriage was about a very private, personal moment between the two of us. We decided to have a 'wedding' despite really wanting to focus on our intimate commitment to each other, hence the exchange of our vows being done in a near whisper, for only each other to hear (yes friends, that was on purpose).

So today as I think back about our wedding day, I want to hold that moment as it was intended- as a quiet, intense, personal moment between my husband and I. I want to remember and honor what that means. My husband lived a very public life in the art world, and shared himself with so many people. But he made it abundantly clear to me that being married was something only he and I shared, that allowed me access to him in a way no one else had or ever would. Today is my day, and Rick's, to celebrate what we found in each other, and not even death can take that away from us.

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