Thursday, July 30, 2009

What we're up to....

Things may seem a little bit quiet around here but I assure you its a flurry of activity here at BRICKS headquarters (aka "my kitchen table").

The last couple of weeks have been spent doing LOTS of paperwork. Im currently working on a grant proposal to try to get some funds to work on the booklet I had mentioned in a previous blog post. In addition to that, Ive also been working on getting the ball rolling with making BRICKS a real, nonprofit entity. This involves lots of IRS forms (ugh) and lunches&brunches with prospective board members (not ugh). Ive also bought a couple of domain names and registered the full version of the "BRICKS" name with the state.

I started keeping a time sheet for myself, just to try and keep track of how much Im working and what Im working on. Its sort of like working a part time job when I get home from my full time job (in addition to being a full time mom). But things are moving and feel positive, thanks to the words of encouragement from so many of you. Please continue to tell your friends about what we're doing, and come back often for more updates. Hopefully there will be lots of great things to share very soon!

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