Friday, June 11, 2010


...hundreds of magazines. tomorrow they go to the recycling bin.

magazines about art.
so many things.

i paged quickly through each one before putting it in a box, half hoping some little scrap of paper might fall from between the pages. something to note he had flipped these pages too.

no secret treasures though, just the heavy notion that he had read each of these, maybe at home, maybe in a hospital bed. all with the intention of learning, making mental notes for future works. dreaming of future homes and places he'd never been. his hands had touched these pages once.

most of these magazines made the trip from chicago to pittsburgh. i tried to get him to throw them away then, with no luck obviously. and now that i finally get my way im not as happy about it as i might have been then.

tomorrow is the day though.
theyll all be recycled.

theyll get to be new again.
a fresh start.

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