Sunday, December 12, 2010

Y'all know these are free, right?

If you havent gotten a copy of our booklet, the BRICKS for Young Adults Cancer Awareness & Resource Guide, now might be a fine time. I'll be making lots of trips to the post office, and wouldnt mind adding a few of these to the mix. If you havent gotten/read/seen one, send us an email at with your mailing address and we'll get one right out to you. If you're with a group or organization that might like more than one copy, just let us know how many youd like!

The 68 page booklet contains submissions from 15 young adult cancer patients, survivors, their partners and loved ones. It also has a resource guide in the back that includes a recommended reading list. And dont forget, we're soliciting submissions for version 2, so get in touch if youd like to contribute your story!

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