Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Building resources = Sharing myself?

I know the blog posts have been a little scarce lately, and I have been, admittedly, distracted. I think thats fair for a new widow, dont you?

Either way, I think I got really caught up in needing to focus on my "mission statement" of connecting young adults with cancer to community resources that may be valuable to them, and forgot that I myself might actually be one of those resources. As a young adult cancer widow, I have something to offer others, and I think I lost sight of that in trying to concentrate my efforts on other aspects of BRICKS. The prospect of sharing my struggles with others is scary, but quite possibly necessary.

So, from here on out, I promise to find a better balance, to share what Im going through with those of you who are reading this. I know that there are people reading who I have no desire to disclose the intimate details of my life to, but I also know there are people who will benefit greatly from what I can give, and that far outweighs the other.

My friend Kairol, of whom I often speak, has asked me to guest write for her blog, Everything Changes, and I would encourage you to check there as well as here for my writings on my trials and triumphs as a young cancer widow. I promise you, dear readers, to be a little more giving of myself. When I married my husband, an artist, he cautioned me that he shared himself with the world. And although I certainly respected that concept before, I understand it now better than ever before, and strive to live by it as Rick did. I'll do my best.

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