Thursday, September 10, 2009

Reader Poll: Do you have life insurance??

So apparently September is "Life Insurance Awareness Month". Who knew?

A good friend of mine is in the insurance business, and has been trying to get me to sign up for life insurance for ages, since I dont have a policy through my current job. I think Im going to give in to her demands this month, and go for it. Its not that I dont see the value in it, Ive just been a little preoccupied (and broke). My husband didnt have life insurance- he became ill when he was very young, and getting life insurance after his extensive history of illness would have been absurdly costly, if even possible at all. So I wonder, fellow Young Adults, how many of you have life insurance? Is it provided by your employer or did you get your own policy?

If BRICKS were to hold an informative meeting about the benefits of life insurance and how policies work, would folks in the Pittsburgh area attend?

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  1. i do not have life insurance. i would attend an informative meeting.