Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wednesday = Workday

Wednesday nights seem to be the best in terms of productivity, for me. My son is at his dad's house, and I can sort of gear up all day to churn out lots of work in the evening. My only interruptions are the two chihuahuas running around and remembering to take out the trash. Sometimes I even remember to feed myself, its amazing.

Tonight Im trying to finish up some paperwork for my funding for the booklet, collecting stories and bios from contributors, and coming up with a NAME for this thing. That part has proven to be even harder than writing the grant application. Ive been working on it since I first came up with this idea. The name is SO important- I want to do future editions of the booklet and dont want to print a few thousand of them only to realize the name I gave it is cheesy or cliche or just sounds ridiculous. I have to be able to live with it, and for a long time.

The resource guide has come together really well. The submissions are trickling in and I think I will get a couple more before the week's end. We should be all set content wise. But what to CALL it? This is your booklet too, folks, Im open to suggestions on what we should call this. This entire project wouldnt be possible without all of you, your input on this part is more than welcome!

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