Monday, November 1, 2010

Call for Submissions v2.0

So guess what? Its that time again! Here at BRICKS we are beginning to think about working on our SECOND edition of the BRICKS for Young Adults Cancer Awareness & Resource Guide, and it wont be possible without all of you!

BRICKS for Young Adults is looking for YA cancer patients, survivors, partners and caregivers in the Pittsburgh/Western PA area who would like to share their story for the booklet. Stories can be printed anonymously if the author prefers. If youve read the booklet then you have a pretty good idea of what we are going for. Submissions should be about 1000 words in length, though we are certainly flexible. Poems or other forms of writing are certainly encouraged, so long as the story deals with YOUR cancer experience.

Please feel free to email us at BRICKSpgh at gmail dot com with any questions, or to receive a copy of the booklet. Id like to think that we can have a submission deadline of December 31, but we may extend it if need be. This time around, our booklet will be entirely funded but the donations of many amazing individuals over the last year, and we are eternally grateful for your support. The first run of the booklet was very well received, and we're very glad to be able to do an updated version for 2011!

Please consider sharing your story!

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