Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cold Hands, Warm Heart

Its another boring saturday night at home, for me, feeling the return of the cold I thought I had finally gotten rid of, flipping through the channels while bundled up on the couch. As Im channel surfing, trying to avoid college football and limited by our lack of cable, I come across an episode of The Outer Limits, a sci-fi show that aired in the mid 1960s.

The episode on tonight is called "Cold Hands, Warm Heart", and is about an astronaut (played by a young Will Shatner) who travels to Venus. During his trip, he has a mysterious encounter, and comes back a changed man. He has strange nightmares, is unable to stay warm, and develops webbing in his fingers. Doctors test him and grow concerned, his wife fears the worst when he begins having fits of delusion and rage. Eventually it all works out (a little too quickly, really) and all is well.

No biggie, right? I spend an hour watching a relatively entertaining old school sci-fi show. Then the closing narration comes on and I, being of completely unpredictable emotion, lose it over this:

"The eternal, never-ceasing search for knowledge often leads to dark and dangerous places. Sometimes it demands risks not only of those who are searching, but of others who love them. These, in their own special way, know that knowledge is never wasted, nor is love."


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