Monday, October 12, 2009

Fresh Widow

Thanks to my fancy blog stats tracker I can see where people are finding out about me, and kept seeing this "freshwidow" blog come up, which has a link to my blog, so I decided to check it out. Wow. WOW. What a lady. I have been reading backwards through the blog, and having a good time doing it. She too lost her husband to cancer, but didnt start blogging until much later. Now, theres this massive collection of posts about her journey over the last couple of years.

I was especially taken by the post Grieving: How We Survived the First Year+.. At 7 months in, I could really go down that list and check off all of the things I myself have been doing, and it made me feel a little more normal to know I wasnt the only one whose done these things, as good or bad as they may be.

The blog has lots of tips and ideas for friends of widows, and lots of things to laugh and cry about for those of us who are traveling the same road as Fresh. Her style and wit are evident in how she describes herself:

I identify as a young remarried widow and Mom to a 5-year-old. Our loss was in June 2006. I see widowhood as an experience, not a label. Loss is something you get through -- not over. "Closure" is so Hollywood. Some of us may turn lucky enough to use what we've been through as a springboard for revelation, renewal, or reinvention.


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