Saturday, October 10, 2009

It's been a long week....

...and Ive considered writing about at least a hundred different things, and actually written about none of them.

I would like to mention that Kairol Rosenthal posted a really wonderful entry in her Everything Changes blog this week, that asks about end of life issues and the place of end stage cancer patients in the young adult cancer community. Its proven to be one of the most interesting exchanges on the blog in recent days, and I really recommend people check it out. The comments people have left are so honest, and candid, and absolutely moving.

Personally, I suddenly find myself the parent of a 12 year old this weekend. As my son turns this very important age, I try to remember when I got old enough to have a 12 year old child. It seems to have happened really fast. Last year, my husband missed the better part of my son's birthday party because he needed platelets. He spent the day sitting in an ER waiting for blood. Its hard not to think about those things today, the anxious feeling I had as I waited for him to come home, hoping he'd at least make it in time for presents. Or at least maybe cake. Or maybe he'd get home before everyone had to leave. I remember knowing that day that things were serious.

Beyond that, I dont have much to share. Nothing important anyway. Hopefully there will be lots of good things to share next week.

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