Saturday, October 3, 2009

Planet Cancer Roadshow is coming to Pittsburgh!

If anyone reading this blog works at UPMC, West Penn or Children's Hospital, its your lucky day! Staff and Crew from Plant Cancer will be in town this week to talk about young adult cancer and what we can do about it, and theyre coming to you. More info below from the Planet Cancer website:

Planet Cancer is taking our young adult cancer Advocacy Roadshow on the road! Starting in fall 2009, we’re hitting cancer centers across the country to spread the word about young adults and cancer.

Planet Cancer staff - alongside our amazing doctor friends who’ve already drunk the young adult Kool-Aid - will be talking young adult cancer survival rates, clinical trial stats, psychosocial dilemmas, and what your docs can do about it. If we’re headed to your institution, please tell your medical care providers to come see the Planet Cancer presentation at their center's Grand Rounds.

What to expect at the Planet Cancer Roadshow:

-The latest in young adult cancer research
-Inside the world of a young adult with cancer
-Why our unique needs aren't being met
-What docs, hospitals and care teams can do about it
-Resources and the future of young adult oncology

Planet Cancer will be in town Wednesday & Thursday, so talk to your docs and make sure they're in attendance!

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  1. Thanks, Charissa! I hope your readers are able to let their local physicians and health care team know about the Roadshow coming to them this week. If anyone has questions, feel free to ask me!

    Sarah Wenstrand
    Planet Cancer
    Fall Advocacy Initiatives Ambassador